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2022 saw me start to photograph Riding Clinics - and they have been so much fun!

Pushing into 2023 now I have taken on a few more different clinics, and its been great. I have limited availability for the rest of this year to photograph other clinics and also Riding Camps, but if you have an event booked and would love a photographer - give me a shout!

I do not charge a clinic fee to be there, I purely take what I earn on sales, therefore as long as the clinic/camp is going to be busy enough then I am happy to cover. All I ask is that the clinic is within 40 minutes from Swindon due to travel costs.

What can I offer you?

Clinic Bundles

  • Clinic sessions covered from start to end whether individual or group slots.
  • All images professionally edited and uploaded onto individual galleries for purchasing.
  • Images live on the gallery within 3 working days.
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