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'A photograph is a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone'

Equine Photoshoots - where it all began for me! I will never get bored of doing these shoots, and I love the fact that I still come home, look at the images and get that 'buzz' of excitement to edit them!

Last year I realised that my own horse (who was 25 at the time) was only ageing and I had very limited photos of the both of us... what if something was to happen to him? If he became poorly and didn't look as good as he did then, or if the worst happened? I knew I would kick myself for not getting lovely photos with him. I'm so glad I did put myself infront of the camera instead of behind it, as they are beautiful! 

Don't be that person that regrets it once it is too late! They only get older and time is something we are not promised. Horses look beautiful plaited up and turned out, but they don't need to be. Your photos are a memory of that moment in time, if you wish for me to come to an event/day out then of course they will be turned out for that!

However if your horse is now retired, a happy hacker or simply living their best life - flick them over with a brush, give their tail a brush through, their headcollar/bridle a wipe and a bit of hoof oil, and away we go!

Whether you want ridden photos, some candid relaxed non-ridden ones, or just some nice photos of your horse alone - we can sort all of that.

It's all about making the moments last forever,
for you to remember them the way you always have done.

What does your Photoshoot include?

The Equine Package

  • 2 hour Photoshoot session at a location of your choice.
  • Private online gallery containing your collection of professionally edited images, with 20 inclusive high-res downloads and the option to purchase more. Your gallery will remain live online for 6 months before being archived.
  • Black Background Portrait photos can also be included.
  • If you'd like the Black Background Portrait photos done with the decorative garlands, this will be an extra £15.


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