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I'm rubbish with writing these things - but Hi, i'm Laura! On the right is my darling Jay, the love of my life for nearly 8 years now! (how incredible is Chloe Windle for taking this shot of us both last summer?)


Nearly 13 years ago I decided to actually turn an idea into a hobby,

 and here I am - still pursuing this dream!


I'm quite self critical, and have a need to get the best from your session - those who know me will know I'm never happy unless I'd be excited to receive the set of images I am taking, so you could definitely say I'm passionate about what I do! 


These photoshoots should be something you should enjoy, so I always try my upmost best to make you feel as relaxed as possible and get the most from your session. I'm not a believe in 'pose and smile', I prefer to snap away - the 'unplanned' photos tend to be the best.  

I'm so grateful that i've had the incredible opportunities and experience I have had, over the years, so if you'd like to book in, or simply enquire, please don't hesitate to drop me a message! 

Laura x

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