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“The Client(s)” are those persons mentioned in the booking form. In the Terms & Conditions below, “The Photographer” means Laura Ness, trading as Laura Ness Photography.

Upon booking with the Photographer it is confirmed that you agree to the below Terms and Conditions.

All copyright of photographic images belongs to the photographer, this is final.


The client(s) hereby allow(s) the photographer to display any images covered by this contract and to generally promote the Photographer’s business in Advertising/Social Media. If the Client wishes for the images to not be used for promotion, they are to specify this at the time of booking in which case this will be added into the contract.

The format in which the Photographer edits your picture is how they are to be displayed; you are not to edit the images (change colours or apply filters etc). If you require something editing or removing, please contact the Photographer. You are strictly prohibited to use your images for Commercial/Advertising use, this requires a separate license agreement (and additional fee). Photos are permitted to be used on Social Media by the Client only, but if entered into any competitions/shared by Family, Friends or Guests then the Client is to notify the photographer of this.

Your Photoshoot is tailored specifically for you to achieve your final goal. If under your own responsibility, you decide to ride your Horse without safety wear (Riding Hat/Body Protector), this is done entirely at your own risk. Any injury or damage caused to horse, rider, property or any individual before, during or after the photo shoot is not at the responsibility of the Photographer. If the Client believes a situation is not suitable for themselves or their Horse(s), the client needs to inform the Photographer of this beforehand. Where the client is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must act on their behalf, to accept the Terms and Conditions given and must be present at the Photoshoot.


Group bookings will only be recognised if 3 or more clients are booking in at the same time for a photoshoot on the same day. Group bookings allow a discount of 20% off the final package price. Please contact the Photographer if you would like a quote for this.

A non-refundable deposit fee of 10% of the total package price is to be paid by the Client at the time of booking, date confirmation and contract agreement. After this has been paid, an invoice will be sent out to the Client with the remaining balance, this must then be paid 7 days before the scheduled Photoshoot session. Products to be paid for via invoice and bank transfer is highly preferred. The Photographer can add additional time to the Photoshoot at the Clients request for a charge of £40 per hour.


Re-arrangement of the Photoshoot booking is only available up to 3 working days before the session, if the client does not give this much notice it is the Photographers discretion as to whether the client will lose the non-refundable deposit or can move it to a new date. If the Photographer decides to cancel due to adverse weather, the new appointment suitable for both parties will be made at first chance with no additional charges. If the postponement decided by the Photographer is due to sickness, injury or an emergency issue, if no suitable re-arrangement date can be made then the Client has the right to receive a full refund of all monies paid.


As much as the Photographer will try their best to avoid it, sometimes the camera kit can fail. In the unlikely event of there being a technical failure, be that damage or failure of the equipment or the Client’s images being lost/stolen/destroyed within reasons beyond the control of the Photographer, the client is entitled for a refund of all fees paid/re-arrangement of the appointment to re-shoot the session where possible.  


Gift Vouchers are available to purchase for all packages on the Laura Ness Photography website, and also available for voucher ‘credit’ to redeem off of products. Vouchers have a 1 year expiry date, after this time if those who the voucher was purchased for wish to extend this date, a 3 month extension will be issued with a late charge of £40. After 2 years from purchase, the opportunity to extend this voucher ceases.

The packages available from the Photographer include a travel charge of 40 mile (round trip) from our base in Swindon. If the client is based further than this, then a charge of 40p per mile will be added on top of the Client’s session fee and will be added onto the invoice.

Upon the Photographer issuing the Client with their digital files the client is responsible to keep them safe and to make duplicates if required. The Clientvwill receive their images on a Shootproof Password protected gallery site 10-14 days post Photoshoot, this gallery will be live for 6 months post Photoshoot after which date the Photographer will Archive the gallery. Any parties viewing the gallery are not permitted to screenshot the images, and if found to be doing so, an invoice will be instructed for cost of those images.


When you purchase a service or product from Laura Ness Photography, we collect the following information from you – Your Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Postal Address. You have a right to request a copy of this information and rectify anything you believe to be incorrect/that needs updating to be accurate. You have a right to ask Laura Ness Photography to update/delete this information at any time.


Your information is collected for the following reasons:

  • Processing of any orders placed by yourself, ensuring management of delivery/receiving of the product.

  • Billing for any received products.


Laura Ness Photography will not under any circumstance share your information with other companies, unless discussed and agreed by the client in writing.


Your information will be gathered by one of our hosting sites, either (the main Laura Ness Photography site, this will take information if you use the ‘Contact’ form) or the main gallery host site Shootproof is an online hosting gallery site with an e-commerce service, and all information held by them is for the sole purpose of processing your order. This information will include a record of any purchases, and any galleries viewed/favourited – you may receive information emails after this informing you of any discounts/gallery archiving. Shootproof do not hold any payment information.




Phone: 07747860981


Privacy Notice dated: 01/04/2024

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